Nylon 6 Germanium Ions

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Ge element materials, a non-toxic semiconductor element, being added in the production process forms a special electronic shell structure. It will release electrons at T ≥32℃ that combine with oxygen to generate negative oxygen ions. Thus this yarn product has a far infrared heating function.


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Features Of Nylon-6 Germanium Ions

Increases negative oxygen ion concentration: Negative oxygen ion, known as "air vitamins", is beneficial to the human body.
Ge-containing yarn can release negative oxygen ion (599 units/cm³) at normal human body temperature. This concentration level is equivalent to that in parks, making a fresh and comfortable surrounding for us.
The soft, skin-friendly and multifunctional fine denier graphene Nylon 6 yarn products are produced by the in-situ polymerization process.

• In-situ polymerization, strong matrix bonding and uniform dispersion;
• Multiple functions: anti-virus, anti-bacteria, far infrared, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mites, negative ion;
• No extra addition of heavy metals and antibiotics, safe and eco-friendly.


The Production Range of Nylon 6 Germanium Ions

The table only lists common specifications. Consulted our sales rep. for others.

Type Gloss  Specifications
FDY SD 40D/12F,45D/12F
DTY SD 70D/48F,40D/34F


MOQ: 5000kg
Delivery: 5 days (1-5000KG); To be negotiated (more than 5000kg)
Payment term: 100% TT or L/C at sight (To be determined)

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