High tenacity socks raw materials polyamide 6 monofilament yarn

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Highsun Nylon-6 FDY monofilaments series owns good properties of brilliant lightness, high transparency, excellent tenacity, as well as resistance against ultraviolet light and strong durability.

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Features of Nylon 6 Monofilament

The nylon monofilament yarn is produced by a one-step high-speed spinning production process. high strength, fine light resistance.
The textile made next is light texture, high transparency, good toughness, and tear resistance.

The yarn forming structure is changed to produce the visual effect of thickness change in axial direction.

One-step high-speed spinning production process is adopted, for high tenacity and good light resistance;
The manufactured textile boasts light texture, high transparency, good toughness and tear resistance.
It is mainly used for weaving and warp knitting, and can be used to make wedding dresses, lace,headdresses, mosquito nets, ties and so on.


The Specifications of Nylon 6 Monofilament

The table only lists common specifications. Consulted our sales rep. for others.

Type Gloss Specifications
FDY Nylon 6 Monofilament SD 05D/01F, 10D/01F, 12D/01F, 15D/01F,

20D/01F, 22D/01F, 30D/01F, 40D/01F

BR 08D/01F, 15D/01F, 20D/01F, 30D/01F
TBR 20D/01F, 30D/01F


MOQ: 5000kg
Delivery: 5 days (1-5000KG); To be negotiated (more than 5000kg)
Payment term: 100% TT or L/C at sight (To be determined)

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