Nylon 6 Thermal Yarn

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By adjusting the raw material characteristics, the Nylon 6 thermal yarn has a lower melting point. When heated to a certain temperature it will soften and melt into a viscous fluid, then re-curing into a solid after cooling, hence the Nylon 6 thermal yarn has a good bonding effect with other fiber raw materials.

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The Features of Nylon 6 Thermal Yarn

Even blended with other yarns, it does not affect their dyeing performance. Also, the coloring rate is synchronized.
It is soft, high strength, washable and stiff & smooth.
It is setting bonding, anti-piercing, wear-resistant, and non-spreading;
It mitigates process flow and improves production efficiency.

While the features of graphene are kept, the light reflection effect of the yarn surface is modified to improve the dyeability of the yarn.
• Multiple functions: anti-bacteria, anti-ultraviolet, far infrared, anti-static, acetic acid odor eliminating, negative ion, solar heat storage with durable performance;
• The gray tone of pure graphene yarn is changed to deliver a light gray and white color, thereby enhancing dyeing properties.


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