Nylon 6 Anti-mosquito

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Highsun Anti-mosquito Yarn is blended by chips and functional mother chip and is featured by long service life, wide application, and non-toxic and odorless and environmentally friendly property.

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Features of Nylon Anti-mosquito Yarn

It is widely used in making mosquito nets, silk stockings, window screens so on. It protects you from insects, mosquitoes, and flies.
According to the National Disease Control Center detection report, its repellent rate for mosquitoes can reach 59%. (this detection report is attached.)
The HSCC Nylon 6-Coolness fiber contains materials with high thermal conductivity and low specific heat, which can quickly dissipate heat.
• Cold touch feeling, qmax can reach 0.25J/(cm2-s);
• Long-term effectiveness.

Multi-pass drafting and heat setting are adopted to increase yarn tenacity.

• High tenacity, FDY breaking tenacity up to 8.62cN/dtex;
• Good wear resistance, tear resistance and stable size.


The Production Range of Nylon 6 Anti-mosquito

The table only lists common specifications. Consulted our sales rep. for others.







FDY SD 40D/34F
DTY SD 30D/34F,30D/12F

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