Regular Nylon 6 Yarn – Flat Yarn

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Flat section fibers are equipped with linen, wool, rabbit fur alike hand feel and luster, which is soft and exquisite, with glittering effect. It performs well in stylish garment. Yarn section: “1” section

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Features Of Nylon Flat Yarn

It has certain rigidity, outstanding wool stand sense. Its fabric style is close to the natural fiber material, felt like hemp, antelope and rabbit hair with similar luster;
Section shape with a shining effect like a diamond.

Nylon 6-Flat Yarn
Product Features

The flat cross-section fiber has certain rigidity and excellent erect fur feeling;
Cross-sectional shape: "I"-shaped, with a shiny effect like diamond.

Only the common specifications are listed in the table. Please consult our salesman for the unlisted specifications
Widely used in yarn wrapping, warp knitting, weft knitting of woolen fabrics, and suitable for making fashion clothes and costume of theatre.


The Production Range of Nylon 6 Flat Yarn

The table only lists common specifications. Consulted our sales rep. for others.

Type Gloss Specification
FDY FD 70D/08F、20D/07F、40D/07F
BR 100D/24F、20D/24F


MOQ: 5000kg
Delivery: 5 days (1-5000KG); To be negotiated (more than 5000kg)
Payment term: 100% TT or L/C at sight (To be determined)

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