Chlorine Resistant Spandex

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10 times chlorine resistant performance more than common spandex, longer service life in chlorine-containing environment.

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Highsun Chlorine Resistant Spandex adopts a special process to enhance the chlorine resistance of spandex, improve the fast decline of strength and elastic recovery rate of conventional spandex in the chlorine-containing environment and prolong the service life of swimsuit fabric.

Chlorine resistant spandex fiber is 10 times more than ordinary spandex fiber, even in a high concentration of active chlorine environment, it still maintains excellent strength and elastic recovery performance. Meanwhile, it has good high-temperature resistance and antistatic performance, which is convenient for processing in the following process.

The Features of Chlorine Resistant Spandex

Good resistance to chlorine, high temperature, and static electricity;
Good evenness and performance of warping weaving.
Continuous polymerization and dry spinning technology;
Uniform evenness and stable quality;
The product luster: semi-dull and clear;
According to the different requirements of customers, the product performance can be adjusted to offer chlorine resistance, high temperature resistance, acid dyeability and easy setting at low temperature.

Main end products: Tights, sportswear, swimwear, etc.
Core-spun yarn: Spinning one or more non-elastic short fibers (cotton, wool, acrylic, etc.) on the outer layer of stretching spandex yarn.
Main end products: Garment accessories such as fabrics, socks, elastic denim and knitwear (neckline, cuffs and lower hem)
Air covered yarn: An elastic yarn formed by covering spandex filament with an inelastic filament (polyester or nylon) on the spandex filament surface via a intermingling jet under a certain pressure of compressed air.
Main End Product: Socks, weft knitting underwear, leg straps, etc.
The combined twist yarn (also known as ply yarn): is made by combining and twisting spandex with two other inelastic yarns while stretching it.
Main End Product: It is mostly used to weave thick fabrics, such as stretch labor cloth, stretch single-sided gabardine, fashion fabrics, etc.



MOQ: 5000kg
Delivery: 5 days (1-5000KG); To be negotiated (more than 5000kg)
Payment term: 100% TT or L/C at sight (To be determined)

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