Nylon 6 Chips Black

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The upgraded solution adopts black chips at the stage of polymerization, then goes to spin directly. Hence the color distributes much more evenly than the traditional method, which mixes black color concentrate with nylon 6 chips, preforming an unstable consistency

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Features of Nylon 6 Chips Black

To win at the starting point: applying black nylon 6 chips leads to a unified chromaticity from the microscopic molecular level, meaning pure black without a color difference.
No need to dye: reduce energy e.g. water, electricity, and gas, efficiency increased with low carbon footprint.

The Nylon 6-Flame Retardant fiber made by special processes has the ability to inhibit the chain reaction of combustion and solves the problem of the flammability of textiles.

• Halogen-free, this fabric releases no toxic gases during the flame retarding process, and is eco-friendly and safe.
• No need for flame retardant finishing, offering efficient and durable flame retardant performance.
• No impact on mechanical properties, strength up to 6.77cN/dtex.


Performance Test

National standardrequirements-Level B Nylon 6-Flame Retardant febric-warp direction (after washing 50 times) 1Nylon 6-Hame Retardant febric-weft direction (after washing 50 times)
Damaged length ≤100mm =97mm =90mm
Afterflame time ≤2s =1.5s = 1.7s
Afterglow time ≤2s =0s =0s


General nylon 6 General nylon 66 General polyester Nylon 6-Flame Retardantfabric (Before washing) Nylon 6-Flame Retardantfabric (After washing 50 times)
Warp direction Weft direction Warp direction Weft direction
20-22% 20-22% 20-22% 35.2% 33.1% 34.4% 32.7%

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