What are the Advantages of Nylon 6 Fiber Compared with Traditional Dyed Filament?

At present, green and environment-friendly fabric product is still a popular development trend. Environment-friendly color-spun nylon 6 fiber is made of spinning raw materials with colorant (such as masterbatch). The advantages of the fiber are high color fastness, bright color, uniform dyeing and so on. Because the colorant is environment-friendly and non-toxic and the grey fabric does not need to be put into the dyeing vat for dyeing, the waste water is greatly reduced. Therefore, its production process is environmentally friendly.

Here are some advantages of nylon 6 fiber compared with traditional dyed filament.

1. Firstly, color masterbatch is added to colored POY, FDY, DTY and ACY filaments during spinning, which directly eliminates the post-dyeing and finishing process and greatly reduces the cost.

2. Dope coloring technology is adopted in the production process of nylon 6 fiber, which integrates colors and filaments. The color fastness to sunlight and washing are higher than the average standard.

3. Because of the variety of color masterbatch and complete chromatography with high-tech ratio, nylon 6 fiber is rich in color and excellent in stability, which can effectively avoid batch color difference caused by dyeing.

4. The texture of nylon 6 fiber is abundant. Because of the most advanced production equipment, the filament is symmetrical, full, smooth and comfortable.

5. Nylon 6 fiber is green and environment-friendly. Sewage discharge is eliminated in the production process without heavy metals, toxic dyes and methanol. It is an ideal environment-friendly textile new material which meets the international requirements of ecological textiles.

Post time: Feb-21-2022