The New Energy Vehicle Provides Hope for the Industry of Nylon Six

As of September this year, the number of new energy vehicles has reached 4.17 million, a number describing the brighter prospect for the development of new energy vehicles. At the same time, the sales of new energy vehicles in Europe are also surging year on year, which has replaced China as a bigger market. New energy vehicles will become the star of hope for the application of modified nylon six slice.

Ⅰ. The application of modified nylon six in new energy vehicles has made progress in three aspects:

1. Nylon six material which is enhanced, toughened, and flame retardant is expected to keep the hard-won position it has in the fuel vehicles market when it comes to the new energy vehicle market, in terms of the bumper, pedal, rearview mirror, interior accessories and other aspects.

2. In terms of the battery and charging system of new energy vehicles, such as charging gun mould block, AC motor shell and a variety of electronic and electrical products, nylon six modified material has grabbed a share because of its advantages such as the lightweight, high strength, wear-resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. The representative applications of nylon six slice modification in new energy vehicles are AC motor shell, battery box, electric vehicle charging system, electronic controller parts, rotary transformer parts, etc.

Ⅱ. It is still necessary to strengthen the application development in four aspects for nylon six

1. Miniaturization of gas-electric hybrid automobile turbocharged engine has proposed a challenge of long-term tolerance in high temperature of 120℃ to 230℃ and keeping a higher strength for new materials, including modified nylon six slice;

2. Electrification puts forward the requirements of low precipitation (not blocking the oil circuit with the capillary structure) and electric neutrality (not causing a short circuit in the circuit) for the nylon six modified materials. The use of aniline-containing DPPD and other additives added in the heat-resistant modification of nylon six slice have been controlled and restricted by the EU.3. The requirements for the safety of flame retardant modification of nylon six slices are getting higher. How to choose the flame retardant system to match the flame retardant effect and mechanical requirements of the parts is an important subject.4. The durability puts forward the requirements of thermal aging stability for high voltage electrical appliances with nylon six slice modified material. After 90℃+1000h thermal aging of high-pressure parts, the color change of bright orange material shall not exceed RAL2008, RAL2009 and other deeper orange.

Post time: Feb-21-2022