Strength certification Hengshen Ankoro innovative automobile application won the German SPE award

It is reported that the Society of Plastics Engineers (hereinafter referred to as SPE) Automotive Innovation Award is one of the most influential international awards in the automotive and plastic industry, which recognizes the application of innovation and development for automotive plastic parts. Awards include interior and exterior decoration, power assembly, structural parts, enabling technology, new energy, electronic/optical components and other fields. They recognize the application of technology and award honors to their development teams.
Hengshen Ankuo is a local high-end engineering plastics enterprise that integrates the industrial chain based on polyamide, providing comprehensive integrated development and solutions for key domestic engineering plastics markets. As early as 2021, Hengshen Ankoro won three special awards in the evening party held in Noyes Dusseldorf, Germany.


Nomination Award
Jointly built with Lucid
New generation electric vehicle central control screen


Nomination Award
Thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced transmission beam jointly built with Audi

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Enable new materials to create the future. Hengshen Ankoro creates value for customers by virtue of its comprehensive technical strength and collaboration ability in the field of engineering plastics, more flexibly meets customers’ needs in product diversification, production localization, application customization and other aspects, and helps domestic new energy vehicles, electronic appliances and other industries to leapfrog development.

Post time: Nov-22-2022