Development Status and Trend of Nylon 6 Fiber Industry

In the past five years, the nylon 6 industry has made great breakthroughs in market application and technology development. For example, the bottleneck of the the main raw materials of nylon 6 has been broken through; the supporting capacity of the industrial chain has been enhanced; breakthroughs have been made in independent innovation; the level of industry technology and equipment has been improved; technological innovation is accelerating; deep integration of informatization and industrialization promotes industrial upgrading. However, there are still many problems in the development, such as staged overcapacity, oversupply, the quality of main raw materials to be improved, and the product structure to be optimized.

Nylon 6 fiber is widely used in socks, lace underwear, corsets, sports bra, wedding dresses, casual jackets, sportswear, storm clothes, jackets, quick-drying clothes, winter clothes, outdoor tents, sleeping bags, hiking bags and other fields because of its light weight, easy dyeing, high elasticity, wear resistance, water resistance and so on.

According to the application performance of nylon 6 fiber, nylon 6 products contain the basic elements of fashion products, which are medium and high-grade consumer goods that embody popular aesthetic taste and consumption concept.

International advanced technology and equipment are widely used in spinning, knitting, jet weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing and other links in the nylon 6 industrial chain, which lays the foundation of hardware facilities for the production of high-quality nylon 6 series products. Years of international trade activities have improved the production technology management level and product quality awareness of nylon 6 manufacturers.

Nylon 6 manufacturers still have some problems, such as insufficient investment in creative design, application development, brand promotion, cultural construction, industrial chain cooperation. However, with the development of industry and the continuous expansion of application fields, it has become an urgent task for nylon 6 manufacturers to enhance their business philosophy.

In the future, nylon 6 products are bound to develop in the direction of high-end and functionality, which will bring richer wearing experience to consumers.

Post time: Feb-21-2022