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Why Are Nylon 6 Fabrics Popular in Summer?

In early spring, it is time to arrange a summer clothing production plan for the apparel fabric factory. I wonder if handsome guys and beauties like you know why most people like to wear shirts, T-shirts, and even jeans made of polyamide 6 yarn in summer, which is scientific and reasonable. We will share the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Ⅰ. Polyamide 6 yarn conducts heat quickly

The hot summer often makes people sweat a lot. If the clothes dissipate heat faster, the heat from the body can quickly pass through the clothes out of the body, which undoubtedly feels cooler. Whether it is cotton, linen, silk, or polyester, spandex, acrylic, and other chemical fiber fabrics, in fact, polyamide 6 yarn conduct heat more quickly.

0.052~0.055Acrylic Fibers0.051
0.05~0.055Polypropylene Fiber0.221~0.302
Viscose0.055~0.071Polyvinyl Chloride Fibre0.042
Acetate Fibre0.05Still Air

Ⅱ. Polyamide 6 yarn lowers body temperature quickly

In terms of thermal conductivity, polyamide 6 yarn is 0.224-0.337W/(m·K), while polyester is only 0.084W/(m·K), and acrylic fiber is even lower than 0.051W/(m·K). The ability of polyamide 6 yarn to conduct heat outside the body is 3 times that of polyester and 4 times that of acrylic.

Wearing polyamide 6 yarn will make your body temperature drop quickly after warm-up exercises or walking indoors from the hot outdoors. It is 3 times faster than polyester and more than 4 times faster than acrylic, so you will immediately feel that clothes made by polyamide 6 yarn are so cool, but the others are very stuffy.

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