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Which Fabrics Can Nylon 6 In-situ Black Silk Be Used For?

Ⅰ. The advantages of nylon 6 yarn in-situ black silk are outstanding

In-situ polymerized pearl black nylon 6-slice low-spinning fine-denier nylon 6 yarn below 1.1D, in-situ black yarn, no color difference between batches. The spinnability, washing resistance and day color fastness (gray scale) level can reach above 4.5. It can be used for the processing of pure spinning, blended spinning and interwoven fabrics, with outstanding advantages.

Ⅱ. The role of nylon 6 yarn

1. Nylon 6-yarn in-situ black silk can be processed into full-stretched silk and air-changed silk, and processed into pure spun taslon, nylon spun, Oxford cloth, twill and other woven fabrics, especially suitable for sportswear, down jackets, socks , Bra and bag fabric processing. Nylon 6 is characterized by abrasion resistance, high strength, elastic recovery, repeated washing and sun exposure can still maintain an elegant pearl black appearance.

2. Nylon 6 yarn in situ black silk is mixed with viscose fiber, polyester, spandex, cotton, wool, etc. according to a certain ratio, and the warp and weft are all made of this blended yarn. Nylon 6 can be processed into high-elastic fabrics such as viscose, nylon, polyester, polyester, wool and nylon. This material is thick and dense, tough and durable, especially suitable for winter and spring coats and coats.

3. Nylon 6 yarn in-situ black silk can also be processed into nylon/cotton, nylon/polyester and other interwoven fabrics with other fibers on the air-jet loom. The specifications include plain weave, twill weave, semi-gloss and other series. It is mostly used in the processing of windbreakers, cotton clothes, jackets, T-shirts and other styles of clothing, with a soft hand feeling, a shiny cloth surface and a silky hand feeling.

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