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The Spinnability of Nylon 6 Chip is More Important Than Its Price

Whether nylon 6 chips are glossy, semi-gloss, or fully dull, they are used for spinning, so the spinnability is one of the most important indicators. If the spinnability is good, the end breakage rate is low, the spinning and winding work load is significantly reduced, and the work efficiency of the subsequent processes will be higher. Thus, the spinnability of nylon 6 chip is more important than its price.

1. Importance of the spinnability of nylon 6 chips

With the same viscosity, the spinnability of nylon 6 chips of different grades is very different. As for those nylon 6 chips with good spinnability, the heating current fluctuation of the spinning screw is small, and the melt pressure of the components and the box is relatively more stable. The pressure fluctuation of the conventional nylon 6 chip module may exceed 8 kg, and more than 10 kg.

Generally speaking, the service cycle of spinning components is about one month, while the long service cycle of nylon 6 chip spinning components has exceeded three months. Although the price is a bit more expensive, it is clear at a glance who is more cost-effective if you include the effects of consumption, labor and component costs, and machine efficiency.

The later twisting, texturing, weaving, and dyeing and finishing of fabrics are also related to spinnability. Poor spinnability, low fullness rate, and frequent twisting and piecing can drive people crazy. When it was finally woven into a fabric of 10,000 to 20,000 meters long, but with poor spinnability, if a warp yarn was dyed with color difference, the whole piece of cloth might be scrapped.

2. The spinnability of nylon 6 chips has genetic factors

The same equipment, technological level and execution, on-site management, caprolactam quality and so on are closely related. The same process and management, equipment technology, heating method and uniformity, and maintenance conditions are congenital and cannot be changed from the moment they appear, reflecting the overall strength of an enterprise.

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