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The Common 5 Kinds of Polyamide 6 Yarn

The definition of polyamide 6 yarn

With polyamide 6 slices as the spinning materials, polyamide 6 yarn boasts excellent performance in terms of wear resistance and comfort and is favored by consumers. It is not only the choice of clothing materials such as down jackets and mountaineering suits, but also often blended or interwoven with polyester, cotton and other fibers to obtain fabrics with better wearing performance.

The common types of polyamide 6 yarn

1. Taslon
It includes jacquard weave taslon, honeycomb taslon, complete extinction taslon, etc. Uses: Garment fabrics, ready-to-wear clothing fabrics, golf clothing fabrics, down clothing fabrics, high waterproof and breathable fabrics, multi-layer composite fabrics, functional fabrics, etc.

A: Jacquard weave taslon: In most cases, the warp is 76dtex (70D) polyamide 6 filament and the weft is 167dtex (150D) polyamide 6 air textured yarn; The fabric structure adopts the way of interweaving double flat jacquard structure on the water-jet loom. The gray fabric is usually 165cm in width and about 158g in weight per square meter. It is not easy to fade and wrinkle and has a high colorfastness.

B. Honeycomb taslon: The warp is 76dtex polyamide 6FDY, and the weft is 167dtex polyamide 6 air textured yarn (A kind of polyamide 6 yarn). The warp and weft density is 430 /10cm×200 /10cm, and it is interwoven on the water-jet loom with faucet. The double-layer plain weave structure is basically selected, and the cloth surface is in the shape of a honeycomb lattice. It has advantages including good air permeability, dry feel, softness and elegance, and being comfortable to wear.
C. Complete extinction taslon: The warp is 76dtex complete extinction polyamide 6FDY, and the weft is 167dtex complete extinction polyamide 6 air textured yarn. The outstanding advantages are comfortable wearing, heat preservation and good air permeability.

2. Nylon taffeta (silk) also known as nylon shioze
Nylon taffeta is made of the spun silk woven by the nylon 6 filament, which has been bleached, dyed, printed, calendered and rolled. With the smooth silk surface, it is smooth and fine and has a soft feel. What’s more, it is light and thin, firm and wear-resistant, bright in color, easy to wash and fast to dry.

3. Brocade crepe
It is woven by nylon 6 filament. It is thin in body, smooth in surface, gentle in color and beautiful in design.

4. Polyamide 6 Oxford fabric
The warp and weft are woven with a coarse denier (167-1100dtex) nylon 6 filament with a plain weave structure. The product is woven by the water jet loom. After the dyeing and finishing and coating process, the gray cloth has the advantages of the soft feel, strong drape, novel style, waterproofing and so on. The cloth cover boasts the gloss effect of the polyamide yarn.

5. Polyamide 6 twill
Fabrics woven with a twill weave which have a clear diagonal texture include brocades/cotton khaki, gabardine, keluodine, etc. Among them, the brocade/cotton khaki has the characteristics of thick and compact cloth body, being tough and crisp, clear grain, wear resistance and so on.

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