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The Advantages of Nylon 6 Knitted Garments You Don't Know

Nylon 6 yarn knitted garments are made of nylon 6 pure spinning or blended fabrics by weft knitting or warp knitting, which have good abrasion resistance, resilience and excellent wearing comfort. Ordinary consumers do not know it, but the advantages of knitted garments processed with in-situ polymerized nylon 6-yarn black silk are more.

Ⅰ. The advantages of weft knitted nylon 6 yarn knitted garments

1. The knitted garments processed by weft knitting are mostly made of low-elastic or special-shaped nylon 6 yarn filaments, using plain weaving, variable plain needles, rib plain needles, jacquard and other organizational structures, weaving on weft knitting machines, with a wide variety of types, excellent elasticity and extensibility and soft fabric, which is firm and wrinkle-resistant, and easy to wash and dry.

2. The samples of woven garments are larger than the area required to wrap the human body, but weft knitted nylon 6-yarn knitted garments have good flexibility, and the design of the garment can reduce the number of seams, splicing and pleating for modeling needs to maximize the curve of the human body, it is mainly used for processing men's and women's tops, suits, children's clothes, windbreakers, coat fabrics, trousers, etc.

3. Looping is the shortcoming of knitted garments, but weft-knitted nylon 6-yarn knitted garments can turn the disadvantages into advantages. Designed on the cuffs and necklines of the garment processing, the garment has a special style, forming unique patterns and dividing lines, which is refreshing.

Ⅱ. Processing advantages of warp knitted nylon 6 yarn knitted garments

1. Warp knitted nylon 6-yarn thin fabric is mainly used for processing shirts and skirts, and thick and medium-thick fabrics are mainly used for processing men's and women's tops, windbreakers, suits, trousers, etc. Using nylon 6 yarn filaments, especially in-situ polymerized nylon yarn 6 black filaments, as raw materials, the longitudinal dimensional stability is better, the fabric is more scratch-resistant, the dispersibility is small, no curling, and the air permeability is better than that of the weft knitted fabric.

2. Warp-knitted nylon 6-yarn knitted garment fleece fabric has good drape, and the mesh fabric feels smooth and soft. It is mainly used for summer shirt fabrics for men and women; the terry fabric has a stable structure and is mostly used for sportswear, lapel T-shirts and other clothing processing; Velvet fabric feels full, thick, and has excellent warmth retention. It is mostly used in the processing of winter clothing and children's clothing.

Nylon 6 yarn knitted garments are rich in colors, and black takes up a large proportion. In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's in the late 20th century, Audrey Hepburn wore black elegantly, deducting a unique fashion charm. Black and any color clothes can be perfectly matched. The popular colors in 2021 are also black and yellow, and black nylon 6-yarn knitted garments are popular in the fashion industry.

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