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Sixteen Major Projects of Highsun Group Have Been Centrally Started

On March 2nd , the first quarter of the major projects concentrated construction activities was held in Fujian province. Fuzhou Lianjiang Branch participated in the Shenyuan New Material (SCC) Integration Industrial Park project via video link. HSCC has started 16 major projects with a total investment of 19.7 billion yuan. Among them, there are 11 projects in SCC Integration Industrial Park, with a total investment of 15.9 billion yuan. Provincial Party Secretary Yin Li attended the main meeting and started the mobilization, Governor Wang Ning presided over the activities.


Since the signing of HSCC 16 billion yuan major investment project on November 23th, 2020, the group has been working intensively to prepare for project construction with many projects are ready for construction. Those 16 projects focus construction including both to fill the domestic blank of electronic grade chemicals and special gas, lithium battery electrolyte additives, environmental regeneration fibers, modified engineering new materials and other new materials, international brand. And there was a group headquarters, the global research and development center, engineering plastic slice, spinning strong groups such as chain link completing projects, and park talents apartment, 50,000 tons of sewage treatment plant, park facilities, such as general wharf project. Based on the requirements of the general secretary's new development pattern of "great circulation and double circulation", HSCC sets out from the three goals of "utilizing surplus resources, solving the bottleneck projects and leading the advanced manufacturing industry" proposed in the integrated development plan of the park to build an international brand industrial cluster of 100 billion new materials. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will further enhance the cluster effect of the industrial park and enhance the comprehensive strength of the group.


HSCC actively responded to the deployment requirements of the provincial Party committee, provincial government, municipal Party committee and municipal government, studied and implemented the essence of "3820 Strategic Project", and accelerated the standardization construction of the industrial park. To the major projects focus on construction as an opportunity, the group will continue to rely on advantages of public park, international brand new materials, the introduction of a number of industry niche "little giant" enterprises, and through the innovation enterprise cooperation pattern, increase the intensity of innovation, enhance the park service and comprehensive competitiveness, to ensure that during the period of "difference" to complete the group of the output value of billions and billions and billions of revenue "three billions" goal.




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