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Polyamide 6 Yarn is More Popular

The breaking strength of polyamide 6 yarn  is 3-4 times higher than wool, 1-2 times higher than cotton, and about 3 times higher than viscose fiber. In addition, the abrasion resistance is 10 times than that of cotton, 20 times that of wool, and 50 times that of viscose fiber. The production of ultra-thin outdoor sportswear has unique advantages, and the in-situ polymerized nylon 6 yarn black silk is more popular.

Ⅰ. Polyamide 6 yarn is used to make underwear

The density of polyamide 6 yarn fiber is 35% lighter than cotton and 25% lighter than viscose fiber. Among synthetic fibers, it is only listed in polypropylene and acrylic. Corsets, sportswear, swimsuits, shirts, underwear and other close-fitting fabrics made by it let people feel rather light and relaxed.

In-situ polymerized nylon 6-yarn black yarn is spun with nylon 6 chips. Like colored cotton, ordinary spinning machines can spin navy blue and pearl black civilian fine denier fabric yarns without any equipment. Single fiber fineness can reach below 1D with good spinnability, full bobbin rate and double AA grade rate of over 95%.

In-situ polymerization of nylon 6 yarn black silk colorant participates in the whole process of polymerization, fully fused with the nylon 6 yarn matrix with level distribution, and the particle size reaches the nanometer level, which is only 1/10 of the masterbatch spinning in length, and the strength of the spun nylon 6FDY is much higher than that of masterbatch spinning. Moreover, there is no color difference between batches, and the color fastness to sunlight and laundering reaches level 4.5-5.

Ⅱ. Advantages of polyamide 6 yarn

1. As for the in-situ polymerized nylon 6 yarn black chip spinning 20D/24f fabric yarn, the component service cycle can reach 3 month, which can produce the spun 8.8dtex-22dtex ultra-light, low-density, semi-gloss nylon yarn 6 fabric yarn with good spinnability, high strength, light weight and softness and strong moisture absorption. And it is easy to take care of and touches very similar to cotton,which is fashionable and practical.

2. In-situ polymerized nylon 6 yarn black silk is similar to natural pearl black, which is beneficial to protect outdoor athletes from ultraviolet rays. Its high color fastness makes it hard to fade after repeated washing for outdoor sports lovers. So consumers can always enjoy new clothes.

3. In-situ polymerized nylon 6-yarn black silk has higher strength than masterbatch high-end spinning with high elongation and good elasticity. With the same specifications of fabric, in-situ polymerized nylon ultra-thin clothes are stronger, more durable, comfortable to wear and cost-saving.

4. In-situ polymerization of nylon yarn 6 black silk does not require post-dyeing and finishing, which is environmentally friendly and with low overall processing costs, which can save costs for garment factories. In-situ polymerized nylon 6-yarn black silk knitting does not damage the needles. The cost of twisting accessories can be saved by 30%-50%, which helps the downstream customers save their cost.

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