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Performance Advantages and Four Maintenance Points of Polyamide 6 FDY Fabric

The fabric woven by polyamide filament FDY has high strength, good abrasion resistance and is comfortable to wear. Knitted cloth is an ideal material for processing brocade bed covers, down jackets, tents and umbrellas. Woven cloth is a good choice for processing chiffon and other clothing. Such four main points as wshing, drying, ironing and daily care also need to be noticed.

Ⅰ. The performance advantages of polyamide 6 yarn FDY fabric

Different from polyamide 6HOY and DTY, polyamide filament FDY has been fully stretched, and each fiber is in a straight state after relaxation. The price is low, but it has a silk-like texture and luxury, which is often used in the processing of light fabric such as brocade bed cover, curtain cloth, tent and umbrella with high cost performance.

The strength of polyamide 6 yarn FDY is amazing. With the same fibre number, the load-bearing strength of it can exceed that of steel wire. It has outstanding fatigue resistance and can withstand tens of thousands of times of bending without damage.

The abrasion resistance of polyamide filament FDY is 4 times that of polyester, 10 times that of cotton, 20 times that of wool, and 50 times that of viscose fiber. The durability of western coat, down jacket, mountaineering suit and socks that are made of pure polyamide 6FDY or blended with other fibers is improved several times or even ten times.

Ⅱ. The care of pure or blended polyamide 6fdy fabrics should be paid attention to four points

(1). The light fastness of polyamide 6 FDY is not very good. Fabrics not made of polyamide 6FDY should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, but should be dried in a cool and ventilated place.

(2). The heat resistance of polyamide 6 yarn FDY is not very good, and it is easy to elongate and deform when heated. It is not suitable to use boiling water or high-temperature water to wash. The set temperature of garment ironing cannot exceed 120℃.

(3). Polyamide 6FDY fabric is alkali-resistant and acid-nonresistant with high stability to most organic solvents, but it is sensitive to hydrogen peroxide. It cannot be washed with chlorine bleaching powder. If used, the concentration should not exceed 3%.

(4). Conventional polyamide 6 yarn FDY fabric has a compact structure and is easy to generate static electricity. Pure textile fabric clothing should not be worn in computer rooms and other environments with high anti-static requirements. It should be washed by hand without being dehydrated directly. However, if the fabrics are woven with in-situ polymerize 6 yarn black chip, the electrical conductivity is improved by more than 70 times, and there is no such defect at all.

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