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Nylon Six Has Made Big Contributions to Beautifying the City

A brief introduction to the nylon six

While most people are familiar with the use of nylon to weave clothes and to make fishing nets, cables, and sewing threads, few are familiar with the contribution of nylon 6 on the urban beautification. Nylon six slice, its spun multifilament and monofilament have played an important role in beautifying the city environment.

How the nylon six beautifies the urban environment

1. It is noticeable that there are so many banners, slogans, national flags and lanterns all over the streets and alleys, declaring the sovereignty and highlighting the festival colors and patriotic enthusiasm on the holiday. The coloration performance of nylon six is excellent, which is the ideal production material for foregoing decorations with bright colors.

2. There are lots of sports lawns which help decorate parks, communities and playgrounds. The color monofilament and multifilament made of nylon six spinning have good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and no mildew. What's more, lawns will be green in four seasons with good drainage performance, long service life, low maintenance cost, and comfortable stomping, which are loved by more and more urban residents.

3. Urban green ecological landscape wall is made by pasting green lawn made of nylon six slice spinning to the wall, which is reinforced by screws. It is environment-friendly, and flexible in modeling design, which not only enhances the images of the city and construction enterprises, but also beautifies the environmental landscape with low cost, simple construction and no need for maintenance.

4. Nylon umbrellas for city decoration. Oiled paper umbrellas and nylon umbrellas of various colors are hung all over the streets and alleys. In addition to the functions of shading and rain prevention, they also decorate the city and compete for beauty.

5. Nylon six carpet for home use. It boasts great wear resistance, good resilience, no fading, stain resistance, and no low VOC volatile substances. No matter in terms of the aesthetic value, decorative effect, trampling comfort and other aspects, it is outstanding with a high-cost performance.

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