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Nylon 6 Black Silk Clothes Are More Popular with Modern People

Everyone has his or her favourite hobbyhorse. It's hard to find two women whose outfit is completely the same with the other on a modern street, but black clothes, especially jackets, down jackets, outdoor jackets, casual pants that are made of in-situ polymerized nylon 6 black silk fabrics are more popular with modern people.

1. Nylon 6 black silk clothing shows personality

Fashion people say that black represents mystery, avant-garde people say that black is a kind of "cool", mature people say that black represents dignity, which make black one of the favorite colors in modern clothing. Nylon 6 fiber is skin-friendly, abrasion-resistant, light-weight and elastic. The color of business wear made of nylon 6 black silk is considered a basic color, representing professionalism.

For men, black is more concise and majestic. Moreover, black is more resistant to stains. White and light-colored clothes often looks a bit dirty, but black clothes does not look dirty even if they are splashed with sewage. Jackets, down jackets, outdoor jackets and jeans that are made of nylon six black silk match the personality of men who are casual and romantic.

For women, black is more thinning and dignified. The nylon 6 black silk fabric suit can be matched with the silk stockings, which can modify the shape of the legs, making people look thinner and taller. When matched with high heels and silk stockings, it shows more temperament instead of violating the harmony at all. The nylon 6 black silk skirts in the workplace are also common styles for women.

2. Nylon 6 black silk clothing is more environmentally friendly

The coloring of nylon 6 fabrics used to be dyed and colored in later stages. In recent years, more and more color masterbatch spinning has been used for coloring. Recently, the newly launched in-situ polymerized nylon 6 black silk on the market is even more special, and the processed garments are more popular on the market and with consumers.

It is an environmentally friendly garment fabric yarn, which is made of spinning  in-situ polymerized nylon 6 black chip on an ordinary spinning machine. The colorant participates in the whole process of the nylon 6 polymerization reaction, which is evenly distributed in the nylon 6 matrix and fully integrated. There is no sewage treatment problem and high energy consumption caused by the later dyeing and finishing, and the spinnability is superior to that of masterbatch spinning. The barrel rate and AA grade rate exceed 95%, which is very desirable for spinning factories.

For knitted garments, the in-situ polymerized black silk does not hurt the crochet hooks, and the cost of weaving crochet accessories in the later stage will save a lot of money, also the weaving labor efficiency will also be significantly improved. For consumers, the in-situ polymerized nylon 6 black silk has good dyeing uniformity without batch color difference, and the color fastness to washing and sunlight exceeds the gray card of level 4.5, which means the color of it does not easy to fade but looks brighter with regular wear.

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