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Ning Yong, the Vice President of the Head Office of EIBC Has Been Present in Highsun for Investigation

On October 23, Ning Yong, the vice president of the head office of the Export-Import Bank of China, visited Highsun Group for investigation, accompanied by Wu Wanzhong, president of the Fujian branch, and heads of relevant departments of the Export-Import Bank. Chen Jianlong, Chairman of Highsun Group, Chen Zhong, the president, and Mei Zhen, the general manager of Chemical Fiber Section, warmly received the research team.

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In Highsun's exhibition hall, president Chen Zhong introduced the development history of the group and the layout of the whole industry chain to Ning Yong, the vice president of EIBC. Over the years, Hengshen Group has seized development opportunities, continuously expanded and extended the industrial chain, and expanded the industrial scale. It has established three Nylon-6 industrial chain production bases centered on Fuzhou, Fujian and radiating to Nanjing, Jiangsu and Sittard in the Netherlands. Chen Zhong said that he was very grateful to the Export-Import Bank for providing a lot of assistance to the development of Highsun, especially in the successful acquisition of the Dutch Fubont business, which is inseparable from the support of the Export-Import Bank.

Subsequently, under the guidance of the chairman Chen Jianlong, vice president Ning Yong and his entourage visited the Highsun's spandex workshop to learn about Highsun's chemical fiber products. During the survey, the vice president Ning Yong fully affirmed the development achievements of Highsun Group, and looked forward to more in-depth cooperation between banks and enterprises in the future.

Through this survey, Highsun Group and the Export-Import Bank of China have strengthened exchanges and created conditions for further cooperation. Highsun Group will adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation, join hands with the bank to innovate the bank-enterprise cooperation model, give full play to the advantages of Highsun and the bank in their respective industries, and promote both parties to achieve a win-win situation in mutually beneficial cooperation.

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