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In-situ Polyamide 6 Makes Yoga Wear the Icing on the Cake

In the post-epidemic era, with the rise of healthy lifestyles, yoga wear has become a big dark horse in the field of sportswear. Since the third quarter of 2020, there has been a rapid growth of more than 50%. In the spring and summer of 2021, the passion for yoga wear continues. Our in-situ polyamide 6 yarn makes yoga wear the icing on the cake.

1. Polyamide 6 yarn has gradually increased the sales of yoga wear

Originated in Indian culture, yoga was once covered with mysterious veil. Whether to exercise the body, improve flexibility or reduce stress, it can achieve the harmony and unity of body, mind and spirit. Its unique exercise way has been recognized by people and become a life style, making it a fashion sport that is popular worldwide.

The unity of body and mind is the core of yoga, and suitable yoga wear is essential. The in-situ polyamide 6 yarn fabric colorant participates in the whole process of polymerization, and the particle size reaches the nanometer level, which is fully integrated with polyamide 6 yarn matrix and dispersed evenly, and its strength, dyeability, color fastness and wearing performance are better.

Polyamide fiber fabric has become a beautiful scenery, and the in-situ polyamide 6 yarn is even more popular.

2. Yoga wear with polyamide 6 yarn fabric has more advantages

Like colored cotton, the in-situ polyamide fiber fabric spinning does not need the masterbatch, and does not need to be dyed and finished later, after coming off the production line, it will show the color of royal blue or pearl black. The process steps of in-situ polyamide 6 yarn is one less than that of the conventional polyamide 6 yarn, and the former has higher color fastness, better skin-friendliness, and no problems caused by post-dyeing wastewater treatment, which is really environmental friendly.

Customs who practice yoga pursue yoga wear that is moisture-wicking and suits the body with elasticity. In-situ polyamide 6 yarn has higher strength and better elasticity. Blended with 17% spandex, under the same force, the elasticity and recovery force of the in-situ polyamide 6 yarn are almost twice that of traditional fabrics. The light and strong fabric is soft to the touch with a tender shaping function, which brings a wearing experience close to zero interference.

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