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Highsun Group Donated 15 Million Yuan to Xiamen University to Celebrate Its Centenary

On April 5th, the theme exhibition of "Re-walking Kageng Road, Saluting the New Era" was unveiled at the Science and Art Center of Xiamen University. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Xiamen University and to carry forward the spirit of serving the country through industry, another group of alumni, public figures and enterprises donated to Xiamen University at the theme exhibition. Among them, HSCC donated 15 million yuan to Xiamen University through Fujian HSCC Charitable Foundation!


Chen Zhong, president of HSCC, attended the ceremony and signed the donation agreement with the university. The donation will be used to establish the HSCC Law Fund in Xiamen University Law School, which will be used for faculty and staff awards, scientific research awards, talent introduction and faculty building projects. At the same time, Xiamen University continues to provide high-quality talents for HSCC in its construction and development. They shine in their respective positions and highlight the style of Xiamen University students.


Over the years, HSCC and Xiamen University have maintained close interaction, cooperation in textile technology and product innovation research and development, and the industrialization of scientific and technological innovation results, to promote the development of Fujian textile and chemical industry. As an alumnus of Xiamen University, President Chen Zhong expressed his hope to encourage the teachers and students of Xiamen University to be firm in their ideals and beliefs, and to help more excellent students to complete their studies and serve the country as soon as possible. At the same time, it also contributes to the construction of a world-class university of Xiamen University and the cultivation of outstanding talents for the country.


One hundred years ago, Mr. Tan Kah Kee gave away his wealth to establish Xiamen University, and set the great ambition of "making a brilliant contribution to our country" and "rivaling the world-class university". Taking Mr. Chen Kah Kee as an example, HSCC cares about and pays close attention to the development of education. It has donated funds to build many Liheng Hope Primary Schools in Fujian Province, and is committed to enabling rural children and teenagers to obtain comprehensive education. The group has also successively established Liheng Branch of Change District Charity Federation and Fujian HSCC Charity Foundation to carry out social public welfare activities in education, disaster relief, poverty alleviation, assistance to the disabled and other aspects. Up to now, the group has donated more than 300 million yuan to the society.


In the future, HSCC will continue to practice the concept of "industry rejuvenates the country, industry serves the country", actively support charity and public welfare undertakings, carry forward the spirit of humanitarianism, fulfill corporate civic responsibility, and promote the harmonious development of the society.

Re-walk the Ka Keng Road to pay tribute to the new era.Today, as Xiamen University celebrates its centenary, HSCC wishes Xiamen University a happy birthday! May not forget the original aspiration, continue to struggle, and create a brilliant new century!


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