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Highsun Chemical Fiber Products Selected in China Fiber Fashion Trend 2021-2022

Recently, HSCC chemical fiber plate's one-step method of high-strength polyamide 6 fiber, collagen modified polyamide 6 fiber has been selected in China fiber popular trend 2021-2022. Cool feeling nylon 6 DTY successfully applied for the Chinese popular fabric cool feeling tag, HSCC composite fiber has become the Chinese popular fabric tag authorization unit.


It is reported that the products with the cool feeling tag of Chinese popular fabrics show that they have passed the authoritative detection of professional institutions (detection standard GB/T35263-2017, technical requirements (W/cm2) ≥0.15), to meet the quality standard requirements of "Chinese popular fabrics". The experiment shows that the q value of HSCC cooling sensing stretch yarn is as high as 2.5 times of the conventional nylon fiber, and it has the instantaneous cooling sensitivity. It is very suitable to be used in the fields of sportswear, underwear lining and spring and summer home textile products.

In recent years, the chemical fiber sector of HSCC continues to increase innovation and research, and has developed high-performance products such as recycled fiber, high-strength nylon, collagen nylon, etc., which have been widely recognized by the market. In the future, the chemical fiber sector will make effective use of the advantages of innovative research and development resources, accelerate the technological breakthrough and production of green and environment-friendly synthetic fiber, and unswervingly follow the path of high-quality development.



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