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Chemical Fiber Plate to Carry out "Warm Blood for Life Relay" Blood Donation Activities

On February 24th, the Management Committee of Changle Functional Area of Fuzhou New Area (Industrial Development Department of Binhai New City Headquarters) and Fujian Blood Center jointly hosted the blood donation activity of "Warm Blood for Life Relay", which aroused positive response from employees in the chemical fiber section of HSCC.


Due to the decrease of blood donation in winter, the Spring Festival holiday has just ended, and as the main force of blood donation, medical personnel, cadres and workers have been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine to prepare for the epidemic prevention and control, and the pause button of blood donation has been pressed. After the completion of the vaccination, the journey of love can only be resumed 28 days later.

In order to support the medical treatment in Fuzhou and save lives with blood, HSCC chemical fiber sector actively cooperated with the management committee of Changle functional area to organize employees to donate blood without compensation and donate love. During the activity, the activity site of Highsun Synthetic Fiber and Liheng Polyamide Living Area was full of loving employees of HSCC. Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, everyone registered information, physical examination, blood test, blood donation, everything is in an orderly manner.


For a long time, HSCC actively participates in the voluntary blood donation activities held by the city and district, conscientiously organizes and actively mobilizes, and creates a strong atmosphere of love within the enterprise. The voluntary blood donation activities have become one of the normal public welfare activities of the Group.


Continuing hope and delivering love, HSCC and all employees practice the concept of "Great Love HSCC" together, so that drops of blood converge into a flowing long river of life, and send love and hope to more people.


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