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Basic Knowledge about Nylon 6 Filament

Nylon 6 filaments, as a common raw material for civilian textile fibers, are generally used in weaving processing (also known as woven processing, because of the use of shuttle weft insertion in the past) and knitting processing in subsequent processing applications.

The product formed after weaving processing is called woven fabric (woven fabric). Woven fabric: a fabric made of yarns arranged perpendicular to each other, that is, horizontal and vertical systems, and interwoven according to certain rules on the loom (the most common one is what we often call plain woven fabric). Woven fabric is divided into warp and weft according to the arrangement direction of the raw materials used in the fabric. The warp yarns go along the length of the fabric; the weft yarns go along the width of the fabric (which is perpendicular to the warp direction).

The products formed by knitting are called knitted fabrics. Knitted fabric: A fabric formed by knitting yarns into loops. The knitting process can be divided into warp knitting and weft knitting according to the direction of loop formation. Warp knitting refers to the use of multiple yarns in the longitudinal direction (warp direction) of the fabric at the same time, while laying the yarns into loops. The raw materials used in warp knitting are all warp knitting yarns, and those used in weft knitting are all weft knitting yarns. Weft knitting refers to the use of one or more yarns to knit into loops in the transverse direction (weft) sequence of the cloth surface. The most common machines used for weft knitting are flat knitting machines and circular knitting machines. Nylon 6 filaments are often used for weft knitting circular knitting machines. Therefore, sometimes the circular knitting yarns are also weft knitting yarns, used in knitting processing. The detailed list of the differences between weaving and knitting are as follows:


(Weaving is a process for turning yarn raw materials into fabrics, and knitting is also a process for turning yarn raw materials into fabrics. The weaving process is generally no longer subdivided, but the knitting process is generally subdivided into warp knitting processing and weft knitting processing. There are two kinds of raw materials used in weaving processing: one is warp yarn, and the other is weft yarn. There is only one kind of material used in warp knitting processing, which is the so-called warp. Knitting yarn. There is only one kind of raw material used for weft knitting, which is the so-called weft knitting yarn. Warp can be understood as straight line, weft can be understood as horizontal line, and warp and weft intersect each other perpendicularly)

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